Got Your Back is a grassroots, ally-driven movement.  GYB offers day program support for persons with developmental disabilities, Autism and/or a dual diagnosis who are older than 18 (no access to high school) and transitioning to adulthood.  Our programs focus on life, social and job skill training. Members work toward developing independent or semi-independent living skills.  GYB offers a secure and encouraging atmosphere where members may interact socially, learn about and find space in their community as well as practice their reading and job skills. 

GYB is a great asset to any community as it fills a gap left by the significant lack of support, resources and activities for people with different abilities who have graduated from high school and are adjusting to adult and communal life to continue to thrive. 

Our goal at GYB is to be connected with our members well beyond their plans to live independently and the passing of parent(s) or caregiver(s). We want you to know  that we - Got Your Back


A range of disorders known as developmental disabilities cause impairments in the physical, cognitive, linguistic, or behavioral domains. These conditions start throughout the developmental stage, might affect day-to-day functioning, and typically last for the entirety of a person's life.


Got Your Back's mission is to provide opportunities for people with different abilities to have success in all aspects of their lives in order to effectively integrate into their community


GYB envisions offering programs that assist people to live in communities where they feel a sense of belonging, where everyone is treated equally, and where they can make decisions that will help them plan and build for the future.


At GYB, value community, choice, creating opportunity and showing respect for others and ourselves. 


Nearly 10 years ago, Nicole, my fiancé, passed away. Nicole had a daughter who she would sacrifice anything for. Nicole was a program coordinator and loved to support others. In honor of Nicole and her daughter Renee, I created GYB and dedicated my degree in child and youth care to them. I'll keep up Nicole's love of supporting others and will always listen and advocate for the people I support.